IAOP Names Vee Healthtek to the 2020 "Impact Sourcing Champions Index"

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IAOP Names Vee Healthtek to the 2020 "Impact Sourcing Champions Index"

NEW YORK, July 22, 2020 -  Vee Healthtek, a consulting and technology-enabled professional services organization that delivers industry best solutions, has been selected to the 2020 IAOP Impact Sourcing Champions Index, the inaugural list of companies that have distinguished themselves as trailblazers in Impact Sourcing. The index is showcased on IAOP's website, in PULSE Magazine and in the October 2020 "Change the World" issue of FORTUNE Magazine®.

"This initiative is close to my heart and it’s easy to understand why,” said Debi Hamill, IAOP’s CEO. “Doing well by doing good is now more important than ever. Ensuring that disadvantaged populations have access to formal employment and decent work, allowing them to improve their conditions, acquire a career, and thus lift themselves, their families, and their communities out of poverty is one of the most sustainable means to economic growth. I am proud of the work these organizations are doing and look forward to growing the index."

Impact Sourcing is a business model where organizations intentionally hire and provide career development opportunities to people who otherwise have limited prospects. The practice has the potential to transform their lives, while also benefiting the companies that employ them and the communities where they live. Impact Sourcing has been shown to provide many business benefits, including access to new sources of talent, higher levels of employee engagement and lower attrition rates, while offering employees their first step onto a career ladder that leads to economic self-sufficiency through income growth, skills development, and professional advancement.

"Sona Yukti and Vee Healthtek, in partnership with the government of India, focuses on providing life-changing opportunities for the disadvantaged," said Chocko Valliappa, CEO of Vee Healthtek. "To date, we have built 50 vocational schools in rural areas of India which provide a skilled workforce for companies that enable workers to lift themselves from poverty. Our organization has helped more than 55,000 economically disadvantaged individuals train for and achieve highly skilled jobs."

Companies that succeed in today’s competitive marketplace don't just do well — they do good. IAOP is committed to the promotion of Impact Sourcing as a transformative business model as well as supporting our members who are putting Impact Sourcing into action.

"Our business is built upon the fundamentals of honesty, integrity and trustworthiness, and our employees are undoubtedly our most valuable asset. We work hard to provide the highest level of quality services to our clients, and we work even harder to give back to the communities in which we serve," said Patrick O’Malley, President of Vee Healthtek.


About IAOP

IAOP is the global association that brings together customers, providers, and advisors in a collaborative, knowledge-based environment that promotes professional and organizational development, recognition, certification, and excellence to improve business service models and outcomes. IAOP connects you and your organization to our growing global community and to the resources you need be successful.

To learn more about IAOP and the Impact Sourcing Champions Index, please visit the IAOP website.


About Vee Healthtek

Vee Healthtek delivers cutting-edge solutions that transform healthcare organizations. As a trusted partner to top payers and payers, we offer a comprehensive suite of services that leverages our industry expertise and results-driven mindset to provide the best possible value to our clients. Our technology-driven services empower organizations to thrive in the ever-evolving healthcare landscape.

With a track record of success and a proven ability to deliver results, Vee Healthtek is the partner of choice for organizations looking to invest in innovation and drive sustainable growth.


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