Clearing $700,000,000 Claims Backlog for

Major Health System in Two Months


A large health system with more than 30 hospitals was targeted in a major cyberattack, which led to a significant claims backlog. The accumulated claims amounted to hundreds of millions of dollars, including high-dollar facility charges.

This challenge not only strained the health system’s financial resources but also disrupted critical revenue cycle management operations, impacting cash flow and reimbursement processes. In need of a solution fast, the health system turned to Vee Healthtek for help addressing the backlog.

Our Solution

Vee Healthtek quickly sprang into action, cross-training our claims specialists and hiring hundreds of offshore resources with a rapid turnaround time. We provided continuous support with weekend and overtime coverage to finish tackling the backlog as soon as possible.

In addition to deploying experts, we implemented new methods and strategies to expedite the claims processing workflow and optimize how the health system addressed the backlog. Collaborating closely with the client, we developed a new approach that sorted accounts based on priority, specialty, high-dollar status, and CPT codes. This new workflow enabled us to assign and process a larger volume of claims efficiently, ensuring that critical cases were addressed promptly. We also modernized the client’s data entry method in M-code, leveraging advanced technology to enhance productivity and accuracy.

Throughout the project, we maintained regular communication with the client, holding frequent meetings to monitor progress and address access issues on open items. Our approach included daily and weekly calls, ensuring that the health system remained involved in every step of the process.

Our Value

Vee Healthtek went above and beyond to deliver a quality solution to the health system. Within just two months, Vee Healthtek completely cleared the client’s backlog of claims worth $700 million. The health system was extremely impressed by our transparency and communication throughout the process.

Following the successful completion of the project, the client contracted Vee Healthtek for proactive claims management, wound care coding, and simple visit coding (SVC).