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David Haynes, Director of Client Operations, discusses how Vee Healthtek was able to adjust to a work-from-home model without compromising on compliance and security.

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In 2020, the world was impacted by a pandemic that changed the way that businesses operated, requiring office locations to fully shut down in impacted areas. With important privacy regulations such as HIPAA to consider, companies in the healthcare industry were met with a new challenge: to enable a remote yet secure work environment that meets strict privacy standards.

To meet growing work needs, the majority of our clients had given us permission to work at home with the advanced security measures in place. However, one of our largest health systems would not permit any of its vendors to do the work from home option.

Barriers to Overcome

Vee Healthtek has experienced numerous challenges in the past with natural disasters, political unrest, and other situations that required our offices to close. In the past, these issues would have shut down operations, caused issues with productivity, and may have even cost our clients’ potential revenue.

To account for these difficulties, we have added multiple office locations in India that are strategically positioned in different states and climatic regions. If one of our locations is incapacitated, we have had the ability to move resources as needed among these strategic locations. With this pandemic, we faced a nationwide lockdown across India that caused major issues for many of our clients, as our employees were not allowed to get to any of our offices.

Solving the Problem

To solve this problem, our organization purchased broadband connections and additional terminals for all our employees, giving them the ability to work from home if allowed.

Our organization’s relationship with Sona College also provided us with one unique advantage, a place to host employees so they could be within walking distance of one of our rural offices. Additionally, we implemented a large number of supplemental security and health measures to protect our employees from the pandemic. Our client was extremely happy with this solution, as it had to shut down all work that was being sent to multiple vendors due to the lockdown.

Our organization was able to implement this change swiftly from the start of the lockdown and get staff back up and running for the client within just a few weeks. The client’s volume had decreased when the pandemic escalated in the US, although once its volumes started escalating, it needed additional support due to the other vendors’ inability to bring employees back to the office. Within 30 days of the initial lockdown, our operations team had allocated additional staff to the client to facilitate the enhanced workload in addition to the work that was being performed by the other vendors. Vee Healthtek scaled operations to get back up to 100% original staffing and increased the workload to support the client and meet its compliance requirements of staff in a secure office location.

Solving the Problem - Chart


Our key differentiator is our ability to offer strategic office locations for business continuity, and a dedicated staff that goes above and beyond for our clients.

Our leadership team continuously reviews our processes to ensure business continuity that can work through troubling times and ensure that our client’s businesses continue to be successful with limited interruptions. During times like this, our teams are able to maintain 100% productivity levels and quality measures, as well as provide complete compliance requirements for all of our clients to ensure extraordinary outcomes.

David Haynes

Meet the Author

David Haynes - Director of Operations

David Haynes serves as the Director of Operations for Vee Healthtek. In this role, he utilizes his deep expertise in the hospital and healthcare industry to onboard and service all of Vee Healthtek’ clients in a seamless and efficient manner. With an eye on maximizing revenue, David specializes in identifying and improving all key performance metrics while implementing best practices in the areas of processes and technology. David is a graduate of Seton Hill University with a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and a Six Sigma Black Belt post graduate certification at Villanova University.