Anatomy of

an Outstanding Partnership

Best-selling author and physician Eric Topol wrote, “If I think more about death than some other people, it is probably because I love life more than they do.” (The Patient Will See You Now; 2015). If we, as suppliers, worry about our clients more than they do, it is because we try to love clients more than they love themselves. When the client is also a supplier for end clients and the relationship scales, it is imperative to integrate completely.

Imagine building a team of over 150 different specialists, with 11 various matters of expertise, spanning three countries, producing work that touches every U.S. state for 21 different end clients. Since 2015, Vee Healthtek has built exactly this team for one of the world’s leading health information systems and services companies.

The pressure was multi-fold, as were the stakes. Multimillions of transactions, lost in translation concerns. The strength of every relationship was touching five times the magnitude of a direct relationship. Let’s explore the anatomy of a time-tested playbook for profound governance with a stellar client as an example.

The Client’s Problem

Our client had a challenge in 2015. They had massive coding-related needs across the professional landscape. Their brand promise was impeccable, and, as the magnitude and variance of that requirement grew, they turned to Vee Healthtek.

Their core competencies were software-driven. This allowed them to retain focus and permitted Vee Healthtek to deploy ours at scale. A variable approach helps.

Vee Healthtek’s Solution

The key is to start with an alignment on the shared value proposition. Are the two parties’ interests aligned in making the same commitment to the client? Trust is built with sustained rhythm.

The parties have shared over 260 weekly performance check-in meetings. That is building with a penchant for trust. Original points of contacts still manage the account. Through several implementation and integration sessions, we were able to establish benchmarks for accuracy, competency, and teamwork/business rhythm.

Vee Healthtek’ Solution

A Vee Healthtek’s General Manager Coding, who was the very first AHIMA certified coder in India, created best practices, onboarding, and build up, as well as quarterly and annual check ins.

Clear service level agreements were built for sustenance and excellence. Joint client visits took place on multiple occasions, aligning client expectations from the Bronx to Arkansas with Ideation sessions in New York and Governance meetings in D.C.


Vee Healthtek has now expanded services over to hospital/inpatient and consulting, professional services; and we push further as we hit the transactional level.

As the relationship matures, we layered not just services, but we differentiated across technologies, tools, and software at our disposal. Insights evolved the more they were based on direct experience with client environments. Tools delivered. Transactions scaled. Talent compounded.

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With the right managed solution model and the deployment of the right best practices, companies can complicate and scale their relationships with less hesitation. The foundations are right to spec.