Centers of Excellence

A Global Blueprint for BPM

The story of Vee Healthtek and its ability to grow as a Business Process Management solution is reminiscent of the David and Goliath story of Compaq Computers taking on IBM in the 1980’s. They are both stories of patience, business acumen, and engineering brilliance. As illustrated by its impressive creation of its Centers of Excellence globally, Vee Healthtek delivers a story of engineering education, training, discipline, and process management excellence.

Vee Healthtek was able to develop a unified business model with a uniquely designed C-Level staff located in both India and the US. This is unheard of in business culture today, but truly helps the company keep a singular march to the market; this, while many companies’ left hands struggle to understand what the right hand is doing.

Education Center of Excellence

The Sona College was built in Salem, India in the 1940s. It was dedicated to education and development, with academic programming in life sciences, natural sciences, health sciences, engineering and more. Currently, 10,000 students matriculate, and the center of excellence continues to serve its education mission while evolving to drive training, education, recruiting, research, and development for the Vee Healthtek enterprise at large.

BPM Center of Excellence

We built our second Center of Excellence In the 1970s. We started our platform for providing global business process management solutions with IT Services for a leading software company in the U.S. We used the same center to start our foray into healthcare in the 1990s with claims work for one of the largest payors in the industry. With security, compliance, infrastructure, management disciplines, or market credibility, the company’s disposition was set.

Technology Center of Excellence

We built our third Center of Excellence, also located in Salem, for our team of growing IT professionals, subsets of our healthcare solutions, and engineering demands. Literally alongside our university in Salem, the IT division has rapidly grown to develop proprietary software, bots, machine learning, and robotics initiatives among others.

Client Satisfaction Center of Excellence

Vee Healthtek established its U.S. headquarters in 2010 to better liaise our client services teams and client operations teams with our clients. Through the expansion of both client services and operations divisions, Vee Healthtek created a HQ for clients to visit, teams to organize, and executive teams stateside to deploy services and operational wherewithal. We built V5 to scale and expand business process outsourcing solutions.

BPO (Expansion) COE

As the company took on incredible client growth, a third BPM delivery center was necessary. The company set up in Chennai, accessing a longstanding talent pool and quickly establishing full operations.

Onshore/Advisory Center of Excellence

Most recently, Vee Healthtek created an onshore Center of Excellence in Exton, Pennsylvania. While the center created flexibility in terms of service locations, it also allowed the company to improve regulatory, political, and job-specific requirements that needed to stay onshore.

The company was also able to increasingly expand from service and technology solutions into consulting/advisory bundled solutions as well. The purpose of each COE is to drive growth, culture, insulate existing clients, and create new offerings. Vee Healthtek believes strongly in its mission of globalizing prosperity to make lives better. To this aim, the healthcare market can be best served by organizing delivery globally.

We can organize by pillars of excellence, serving as academic and professional epicenters for Vee Healthtek’s value proposition. With this model, we can set us up to serve our mission of globalizing prosperity to make lives better now, and well into the future, wherever in the world our pursuits go.

In a global delivery model - trust, unified management, and compatibility are everything.

Onshore/Advisory Center of Excellence