Customer Service

Isn't Dead

It’s probably easy to believe that with the technological advances available today, consistent, quality customer service is no longer important to businesses. Everything is automated, and it sometimes appears computers and robots can do most any job cheaper, faster, and better.

But in this new age of automation, customer service is more important than ever. Here’s why:

  1. The faster business information becomes available, the faster an organization needs to make decisions. Organizations need help sifting through the data and filtering the noise. When clients need help, they can’t always turn to an app for answers. They need customer service.

  2. Business is still about relationships. The products and services we sell are just the beginning. As the market is tight, clients have many options to choose from and will long remember bad experiences. It’s important to develop a trusting relationship in the beginning. As Vee Healthtek’ Business Development Team becomes involved with a new client, it’s crucial we focus on the experience our clients have from the very start. One of Vee Healthtek’ business development executives knew this importance when she first made contact with one of the largest diagnostic imaging companies in the U.S. They had never offshored and had a negative and, most importantly, incorrect view of offshore providers. From the first email and call, our dedication to customer service and the customer experience eased their fears, enabling them to trust Vee Healthtek and to see how we could help.

  3. Customer Service

    Not much can impact a client more than customer service. A positive client experience leads to increased intimacy and trust, thereby allowing Vee Healthtek to stand out from our competitors. When a large Florida-based healthcare entity needed help with their business analytics, it wasn’t the look and feel of the technology that brought us closer to the client; it was our customer service. Because the team at Vee Healthtek took the time to explain the solution, to answer questions and to dig deeper into what the client wanted and needed, the client felt at ease with us, our people and our technology. By going out of the way for our client, we showed them we cared about their needs, not just about the sale. The customer service experience was a major differentiator. Regardless of our technologies, today’s client cares more about our customer service than it does about price.

  4. Clients always remember their experience, whether positive or negative. A large, urgent care services provider needed help onboarding new clients. The organization had a bad outsourcing experience in the past and hadn’t forgotten the anxiety it had caused. That experience dictated how they looked for vendors and how they interacted with the market. Through the hard work and dedication of our team, Vee Healthtek was able to change the client’s view of outsourcing for the better. Once again, a positive customer service experience helped Vee Healthtek rise above the competition and increase the client’s trust in our partnership.

  5. A positive customer service experience is crucial when building relationships. Not only does it lead to new clients, but it discourages them from looking elsewhere. It creates loyalty and fends off the constant bombardment from the competition. It is much cheaper and practical to keep existing clients than acquiring new ones. A new client costs five times more than retaining a current one and Vee Healthtek works hard every day to bring the best customer service to our clients.

  6. People buy from those they like and trust, and rely heavily on referrals from their peers and professional organizations. In fact, a recent marketing campaign showed that 74% of buyers surveyed identify word-of-mouth, influencing their purchasing decisions.

Cultivating Relationships

Vee Healthtek builds its name and reputation from the top down - from our GM of Coding presenting at conferences to our CEO attending professional organization meetings and conferences. Our entire team embodies customer service, leading by example with the entire team striving to deliver exceptional customer service to all clients, current and future.

By providing exceptional customer service, we set Vee Healthtek up for success. We bring in referrals from our current clients and impress and build rapport with consulting companies that spread the word about our extraordinary quality. Our operational team builds strong, lasting relationships that don’t end with a particular organization, but rather follow our former clients to new organizations. It doesn’t come easily, but by providing world-class customer service day in and day out, Vee Healthtek consistently outperforms the competition and garners loyalty from our clients that will stand the test of time.


Meet the Author

Michael Carnahan - Senior Director of Client Services

Michael Carnahan serves as Vee Healthtek’ Senior Director of Client Services. In this role, his focus is on cultivating alignment with new business development efforts, managing strategic accounts, and establishing communication channels with client leadership. Michael comes from Cerner RCM and has over 12 years’ experience in revenue cycle management and EHR integration with financial modules.