Exciting Clients

with Value

Hype Machine

Hype is very important to a business’ brand. Every business wants their brand to represent something special, unique, and valuable. Moreover, delivering hype to existing clients is extremely rewarding. It’s like informing someone the painting they purchased on the street or at a flea market for next to nothing is actually an original masterpiece and is worth more than a million dollars.

That type of hype is contagious. It helps us all celebrate. Who doesn’t want their clients to feel like they made an amazing discovery?

Because we know buying that painting does not automatically qualify you as an art aficionado, it does show you now have increased credibility in your skill of seeing something special, unique, and valuable.

Here is the thing. Behind that painting, art historians, art experts, and real art aficionados acknowledge and recognize the mastery. We all benefit when that level of mastery is uncovered. Some will insist they would have recognized the mastery, yet most will admit they would have, or maybe actually admit they did, walk right by the same painting. They know it was right there for the taking and missed it.

Because now you know that you have something special, unique, and valuable, you have the ability to celebrate and make your impact on the world. You have not changed, but your whole world did. Now there is a story.

Facing Facts

Change the scene to a crowded exhibit hall at an industry trade show or conference. Several might come to mind specific to health care. Think of this like walking down the street or wandering through a flea market except, well, it really is nothing like either. But you are the same person and you are looking for something you need or want that is special, unique, and valuable that will support your business.

People are walking by exhibitors and reviewing their offerings and assessing whether it is something they need or want. Lots of people will walk by the same booth multiple times without stopping. You stop at one and you decide to look. You ask a few questions and you decide what they have is worth something to you.

This experience is far from unique. Here, though, is why this all matters: a single representative from a health insurance company now has an original masterpiece.

This client operates in the Western U.S. They are a local, nonprofit affiliated with a large healthcare provider. Their member coverage is constant and their lines of business are well established. Still, they know their opportunity for exponential growth is real.

What they need is a partner that shares a willingness to be flexible and respond to their situation and help manage their business accordingly. Many vendors are capable (and hype themselves as special, unique, and valuable); however, identifying the right partner is increasingly difficult to find.

Partnership Validation

Even before a global pandemic changed the outlook for their businesses, executives faced incredible challenges. Transparency and flexibility with vendors are key components to leadership in developing their business strategy.

At Vee Healthtek we simply ask: “How can I help you?”

We started a partnership with a client by promising to deliver a solution that would streamline the existing process of constructing the monthly financial board package. Automation was not necessarily what was missing since much of the monthly financial board package was organized by a team of financial analysts. Therefore, success required two key elements: first, fully comprehending the process the existing analysts used to organize the reports and financial data; and second, providing insights and analysis at least as qualified, if not more, as the existing resources were expected to provide throughout the process.

The time existing financial analysts spent organizing, compiling, and analyzing the financial data for the monthly financial board package was substantial enough that everyone felt it was taking away from the major requirements of their job. Organizationally, the perception was that this was time the analysts were simply running in place.

Solution Meets Opportunity

Providing extraordinary outcomes "as we have done in the past" is not a good business model. Rather, vendors need to align with their clients in more open and regular communication to help them detect trends and forecast changes in their business.

The team at Vee Healthtek assembled to help this client included a Director of Client Operations, an Assistant General Manager, and a Senior Team Leader.

The team immediately set up training workshops with the client to learn the process and workflow. This required training from several client resources, understanding their unique workflow, and then modeling this for accuracy and consistency. The initial objective was to reproduce the monthly financial board package exactly the same as the client’s existing resources do.

Once the Vee Healthtek team was able to demonstrate their competency completing the monthly financial board package, the next step was to differentiate the output through new and better visualization. Then, the team was able to start delivering key insights from their own analysis of the data. That allowed the final phase to begin; the team needed to operationalize delivery of the insights with the client, which also required them to maintain the high level of customer service the client expected from us producing the monthly financial board package.

Solution Meets Opportunity

The Masterpiece in the Boardroom

Now with this one client in the Western U.S., Vee Healthtek has been able to expand their executive-level presence and business model to scale and support transitions in services to sustain a mutually beneficial relationship. Vee Healthtek insights offer critical support in ways the client did not even know were possible. Furthermore, new outcomes are being defined to help the business’ financial growth.

The single representative at the trade show could have just as easily walked by Vee Healthtek’s booth. Finding something the organization needed at a good price was just the first step. Exceeding expectations was the real value. Then, we knew the client was happy because their entire world had changed for the better.

So, as all good stories should have a fairy-tale ending, here is ours:

The entire Vee Healthtek team feels they are providing something special, unique, and valuable to a deserving client, who fully embraces the hype, and appreciates the fact they discovered an original masterpiece.