Making a Transition

The Right Managed Services Partner Will Get You

Through The Inevitable Storm

Transition takes on many faces – a company may update its business platforms, change its ownership structure, or encounter the need to take strong measures to correct its financial situation. In all of these cases, having a managed services partner who can grab the steering wheel during the storm is essential to staying on course.


We’ll only need you

for a few months

A large university hospital made the big decision – It was time to consolidate three separate and unrelated EHR (Electronic Health Records) systems into a single platform. The platform chosen was not one of the existing three, so not only was the consolidation of systems an issue, everyone using the systems was required to learn a completely new platform. The migration would require months of staff training to ensure that everything worked smoothly in the end. In the interim, however, who would perform the daily revenue cycle management functions on the legacy system that were essential to keeping the cash flowing? An advisor was consulted and the adopted solution was to bring in outside specialists to continue the daily processes, while the permanent staff went through training.

Vee Healthtek was selected to provide these services, which were expected to only be on a temporary basis. Once the in-house team was trained, the relationship would end.

What actually happened was a different story

The above scenario occurred in 2013. Three years later, in 2016, this client wrote the following description of their experiences with Vee Healthtek throughout the years:

  • The ability to scale resources and available production quickly to support short-term backlogs in revenue cycle inventory. We were fully functional within 60 days of a contract being signed.
  • Exceptional production across the various books of business that are placed with Vee Healthtek. We are looking for a minimum of 95% accuracy – based on monthly reviews of statistical samples of the respective workload – and Vee Healthtek has consistently achieved performance in the 97-98% range.
  • Achieved and maintained quick turnaround time with our insurance denials and accounts receivable follow up functions, which is key in our ability to maintain a low level of outstanding AR with our payors.
  • Consistently being able to pick up newer books of business over time, with a commitment to learning and documenting the requisite job aids and training tools to ensure performance expectations are being met.

And their corresponding growth in services over those years looked like this:


What Changed?

Vee Healthtek was able to deliver the unexpected, both in relationship and quality of service. Although the delivery of services came from 9,000 plus miles away, the US-based account management team was onsite several days per month to liaise between the client teams and the Vee Healthtek’ teams. This customization and personalization of services and teams delivers extraordinary results.



A relationship created to resolve a temporary challenge turned out to be a long-term solution for multiple business units and processes. Although it’s been said that “the seed of your next problem lies in your current solution,” sometimes the seed of your long-term solution lies in your short-term problem


Meet the Author

Sue Smith - Vice President Finance and Administration

Sue Smith brings a broad spectrum of business expertise and specialized knowledge to Vee Healthtek. Her twelve years as a Quality Assurance Engineer and Operations Specialist included the oversight of industrial, aerospace, and defense electronics manufacturing operations.