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Long - Term Growth

In late 2013, many experienced and successful joint-venture, urgent care organizations were faced with a major problem. Delivering high-quality work, with world-class customer service, while undergoing rapid growth was a challenge for most. Many businesses make it a goal to generate revenue and profit by satisfying customer needs. A client of Vee Healthtek was dedicated to this principle but needed to make major decisions to accomplish the goal.

It was the beginning of the cold and flu season. In response, one specific healthcare organization typically ramped up during this time. This season, however, was unique because they had doubled their organizational size for the year. The leaders were focused on market expansion, low-cost services, and innovation, yet the client had grown tremendously since its inception. How would they be able to focus on growth strategy and maintain support while struggling to find, hire, train, and retain quality employees? They needed a coding solution and they needed it fast.

A Relationship Built on Trust

Vee Healthtek quickly and seamlessly partnered with the client. Together, a relationship was built based on accuracy, competency and teamwork. A partnership was formed that has strengthened and grown over the past several years. “Vee Healthtek was a life saver,” remarked the client’s Vice President of Revenue Cycle, regarding Vee Healthtek’s intervention and solutions.

Built for Growth

A large volume of the client’s business is typically seasonal, as business generally peaks between October and January. This year, however, was different.

Since initially partnering together, Vee Healthtek had remained transparent with the client. Together, they steadily built a covenant relationship that allowed both to have meaningful and honest dialogue regarding the need for increased coding staff to handle the expected growth. This type of dialogue was lacking for the client in previous relationships. Because of this factor, when volumes in February 2019 increased by 30% when compared with the same period in 2018, there were no surprises.

There were no lags in service by Vee Healthtek, therefore no lags in service for the organization’s end clients, as seen in the chart below:

Built for Growth Graph

In March 2019, the volume grew further to 53% when compared to the same month in 2018. Without collaboration where strategies were developed to sustain volume and profitability, the client could have been in trouble.

For this client, a sustainable culture of innovation had also been established, which is crucial to ensuring business sustainability and competitiveness. The client has been able to expand within the market by offering quality products and services, supported by Vee Healthtek. By always looking for new, innovative products, they can offer better service and ultimately increase the satisfaction of their end clients.

Vee Healthtek understands both the market and the needs of its customers, while maintaining a strong coding team that keeps up with specific industry and regulatory demands. The quality Vee Healthtek provides is critical for the sustainable business growth of its clients. They have seen the partnership of this specific client scale four times over.

The business plan created years ago continues to guide the partnership in committing resources to achieve the mutual goals of maintaining accuracy and delivering world-class customer service. When asked about the current business relationship, the client’s Vice President of Revenue Cycle says, “I would be a proud reference any day for Vee Healthtek… clients are willing to pay a premium price for quality service.”

The following below chart records the increase in end clients onboarded:

Built for Growth Graph
Michael Carnahan

Meet the Author

Michael Carnahan - Senior Director of Client Services

Michael Carnahan serves as Vee Healthtek’s Senior Director of Client Services. In this role, his focus is on cultivating alignment with new business development efforts, managing strategic accounts, and establishing communication channels with client leadership. Michael comes from Cerner RCM and has over 12 years’ experience in revenue cycle management and EHR integration with financial modules.