Transforming Patient Care Through Tailored, Cost-Effective Solutions

Care Management

Vee Healthtek offers care management and patient journey services designed to provide the best possible and most cost-effective healthcare solutions for your patients. Our dedicated team works within your system to manage care coordination for patients with chronic illnesses and other medical conditions. Working closely with pharmacy staff and providers, we guide patients through the beginning stages of care by gathering and coordinating all required information from physicians, payers, and caregivers.

Our care management services alleviate the workload of your staff, providing a solution to endless phone calls and follow-ups. This allows your team to focus on improving outcomes and lowering costs.

With Vee Healthtek handling the administrative side of care management, your patients will experience a faster, smoother, and more affordable start to their treatment. By streamlining patient intake, care plan creation, and care coordination, your organization will provide a higher quality of care by helping patients maintain their health and well-being.

Vee Healthtek’s Care Management Services Include:

  • Creating a case
  • Finding and filling in missing information
  • Benefit verification
  • Eligibility
  • Scheduling appointments
  • Validating caregiver information
  • Coordinating patient treatment programs and the patient journey