Where Efficiency Meets Excellence in Patient Onboarding

Patient Enrollment

Patients’ initial interactions with your organization set the tone for the entire healthcare journey. As a result, patient onboarding must be completed quickly and accurately to ensure a positive experience for your clients.

Vee Healthtek leverages cutting-edge technology to optimize patient intake, enrollment, and handling. Our services streamline the beginning of a patient’s journey to increase retention and overall satisfaction. Most importantly, our hub services eliminate front-office bottlenecks and allow your resources to focus on more important, revenue-generating tasks.

Above all, we understand that the trust placed in us by patients and providers is paramount. Our commitment to the security of sensitive information underscores each of our interactions with your organization and clients. Rigorous access controls and authentication protocols restrict unauthorized access, guaranteeing that only authorized personnel can see patient information.

By choosing Vee Healthtek for your patient intake, you are not just opting for efficiency but also embracing personalized care and meticulous attention to detail for your patients.

Our Patient Intake, Enrollment, and Handling Services Include:

  • Collecting patients’ contact information
  • Recording demographic data
  • Collecting and storing forms
  • Creating new patient and prescriber records
  • Maintaining patients’ security and confidentiality
  • Ease of enrollment: phone, face, or portal