Enhancing Access to Care Through Efficient Benefit Verification

Benefit Verification and Re-Verification

Vee Healthtek’s benefit verification and re-verification services are designed to increase efficiency, reduce labor costs, and slash wait times. Our subject matter experts use our proprietary technology to complete benefit verification quickly and accurately, dramatically reducing the length of the process. We closely monitor changes to health plans and regulations to prevent re-work and ensure the most up-to-date information. Our processes ensure that patient treatment is not delayed, leading to faster administration of care.

Our benefit verification experts leverage multiple processes and technologies to gather accurate information from phone calls, payer portals, emails, and faxes. After contacting payers and pharmacy benefit managers to verify medical and pharmacy benefits for the patient’s therapy, we enter this information directly into our client’s portal. If prior authorization is needed, our team handles the entire process from start to finish, freeing up your valuable resources. Together, these processes result in decreased reimbursement wait times, timely treatment for patients, and lowered administrative costs for your organization.

Vee Healthtek’s Benefit Verification and Re-Verification Features:

  • Improves quality of data
  • Adjusts to changes in insurance plans
  • Decreases administrative wait times
  • Reduces labor costs

Vee Healthtek’s Benefit Verification and Re-Verification Services Collect:

  • Plan details and network status
  • Authorization
  • Billing information