Prior Authorization Workflows Made Easy

Prior Authorization

Vee Healthtek streamlines the entire prior authorization process, from research and support to tracking. Our industry experts use the latest technology to enhance the patient's journey with faster approvals and earlier access to care.

Our highly qualified team determines whether prior authorization is needed, identifies risks and clinical requirements, predicts turnaround times, and follows up with patients. These services free up your staff to focus on patients instead of paperwork and phone calls, allowing you to reduce costs and optimize operations. Without the burden of these mundane, administrative tasks, your organization can schedule patients sooner and scale faster.

Contact Vee Healthtek to learn how we can decrease your organization’s workload, decrease denial rates, and keep up with payers.

Vee Healthtek’s Prior Authorization Research, Support, and Tracking Assistance Benefits:

  • Simplifies prior authorization workflows
  • Uploads batches of submissions at a time
  • Integrates with most EMRs and EHRs
  • Connects with thousands of regional and national payers
  • Eliminates bottlenecks and re-works
  • Updates according to changes in plans and industry regulations