Effortless A/R Management with Vee Healthtek by Your Side

Accounts Receivable and Denial Management

Healthcare providers experience long receivables cycles that delay revenue, destabilize cash flow, fatigue billing teams and frustrate financial management. These elements are further compounded by accurate and inaccurate claims denials. This process can be significantly improved through Vee Healthtek's accounts receivable (A/R) and claim denial management services. Our team deploys a systematic and meticulous approach that ensures accurate reimbursement of claims.

A/R management is a vital function that ensures unpaid or unprocessed claims for physicians, ambulatory surgery centers, and hospitals are addressed in a timely and efficient manner. Taking a strategic, analytical approach to accounts receivable management is a decisively swift way to achieve significant, tangible, and accurate returns.

Our Accounts Receivable and Denial Management Services:

  • Utilize automation and process improvement to avoid an inflation of A/R.
  • Employ workflow optimization tools.
  • Use a focused approach toward account resolution & collections to minimize unnecessary follow-up.
  • Utilize key performance indicators to identify operational nuances that can be used to streamline revenue cycle operations, minimize denials, and increase revenue.
  • Provide timely follow-up and resubmission of claims to avoid timely filing limit scenarios.