Protecting Revenue and Compliance through Balance Verification

Credit Balance Review

Revenue cycle credit balance review includes the identification and resolution of any credit balances that may have occurred during a billing cycle. Credit balance review is required and regulated by law and helps clean up unnecessary open accounts on your A/R. If accounts receivable reports have unresolved credit balances, it results in miscalculated revenue reports and pulls necessary resources off of vital tasks to correct the issue. Additionally, failing to reimburse overpayments could potentially result in a fine, or worse, as multiple fines could result in serious financial non-compliance issues. These issues can be avoided by optimizing your revenue cycle and performing a thorough credit balance review by Vee Healthtek.

Our automated processes parlayed with our seasoned revenue cycle experts ensure that every payment, credit, and adjustment is checked systematically across the entire A/R spectrum. Whether it's a coding error, patient estimation error, incorrect billing, or payment duplication, our team will identify the source of the issue and make the corrections necessary to close out the account.

Vee Healthtek's credit balance review services ensure regulatory compliance while protecting revenue and streamlining operational workflow.