Your Partner in Early Payment Recovery

Early Out Self Pay

Vee Healthtek’s early out self-pay service recovers patient accounts in the early stages of payment delinquency, typically within the first 30 days and before they become eligible for collections. Our services reduce the need to pursue medical collections with the help of our compassionate yet persistent representatives.

We believe that most patients are willing to make payments toward their medical bills when they fully understand their financial obligations. By employing strategic communication and creating payment plans tailored to each patient, we prompt timely payments and negate the need for intensive debt-recovery measures.

Our early out self-pay services streamline the payment process, offering a user-friendly and efficient experience. Utilizing various communication channels, such as calls, texts, emails, and live chat, we engage with patients and help them understand their bills.

Our highly trained early out self-pay representatives assist patients in understanding their health insurance limits and their debt balances, which enhances the ability to soft-collect payments from patients. We are committed to making financial interactions in healthcare seamless and beneficial for both providers and patients.