Increase Revenue Through Automation

Revenue Cycle Automation

Bringing a holistic approach to revenue cycle management, Vee Healthtek harnesses emerging technologies to incorporate process automation tools that accelerate workflows and streamline operations to maximize available resources. Our automation solutions improve financial performance, enhance the patient experience, and reduce overhead costs. We utilize robotic process automation (RPA) tools such as Win Automation (Softomotive), Process Robot (Softomotive), and UI Path to deliver results-oriented outcomes by improving billing efficiency, reducing the time between claims and payments, and by decreasing overall claims denials.

We Provide Custom Robotic Process Automation Solutions that Focus on:

  • Pre-arrival services
  • Patient demographic capture
  • Eligibility verification
  • Coding Assistance Platform (CAP)
  • Submitted claims status
  • Denials management
  • Billing statement generation
  • Credit balance resolution
  • Risk adjustment optimization (RAO)