Thorough Follow-Up with an Attention to Detail

Provider Credentialing and Enrollment

Provider credentialing, the detailed process of getting a physician or provider affiliated with payers, is a critical step in the revenue cycle. This process allows the provider to see patients within the network and get reimbursed for performed services. Due to plan constraints, a patient may not be able to see a provider if they are not enrolled with the insurance payer. Our credentialing team works hand in hand with the payer to ensure that all documents are received, processed, and approved for the provider to begin seeing patients.

The process behind provider credentialing and enrollment requires constant follow-up and attention to detail. Inaccurate information or a lack of follow-through will delay the process and cause issues with revenue and collections. Vee Healthtek understands the importance of credentialing and enrollment and works to ensure that all steps are handled thoroughly and efficiently so that the physician can start doing what they do best: see patients.

From the start, our team of experts works to submit all of the necessary documents that are required to credential the provider with the payer, hospital, or medical entity and obtain all pertinent privileges required to perform services. From there, we work to ensure that all providers are linked to the payers and all documentation and contracts are loaded properly to ensure accurate and prompt reimbursement.

Provider credentialing and enrollment is a time-consuming and redundant process as the application is reviewed and analyzed by multiple people along the way. Vee Healthtek will diligently follow up with the necessary parties until all information has been approved and the provider can begin performing procedures. Delegating this task to subject matter experts allows you to free up resources and concentrate on core business functions that optimize your internal operations.