Provider Education

When discussing provider education, the interpretation can take on a different meaning depending on whom you are speaking to. For some, provider education directly relates to physicians, practitioners, therapists, and other clinical caregivers. For others, term provider education is an opportunity to teach the support staff on matters of coding, billing, and other essential regulations and guidelines.

In reality, provider education falls under both categories. Healthcare has shifted to an interdisciplinary care team approach, to that end, the need for a more comprehensive review of provider education is essential to prepare for current and upcoming changes as they occur.

Maintaining consistent updates with both the physicians and clinical teams will ensure success for years to come.

Vee Healthtek Offers Provider Education to Review:

  • Regulations and guidelines
  • EMR navigation
  • Missed coding opportunities due to documentation deficiencies
  • Medical billing best practices
  • Virtual medicine coaching
  • Qualifying accurate conditions
  • Contracts, exceptions, and bundling
  • Specialty specific education
  • Risk adjustment
  • DRG education

Our process analyzes claims data through a selection of randomized medical records to identify deviations and opportunities, categorize audit findings, and meet with providers for educational sessions.