Enhancing Skill Sets to Optimize Efficiency

Refresher Training

Vee Healthtek’s refresher training for medical coding and billing is tailored to equip healthcare professionals who want to refine their skills and optimize their performance. We provide custom refresher training programs for healthcare organizations and their employees. When boot camp training does not yield the desired outcome, our refresher training program can help bridge the gap in the learning process. We have seasoned and certified trainers who can provide a quick touch-up on all the critical aspects of medical coding and billing or dig deeper to identify underlying issues. We understand that refresher training may just focus on certain topics rather than the entire course. To this end, our training programs enable candidates to take customizable courses that prepare them for medical coding in hospitals and physician offices.

Starting with the basics of medical coding, we quickly cover everything from regulations and compliance to audits and then explain how all of this impacts the revenue cycle. Our highly proficient and experienced instructors provide guidance, the latest regulatory updates, and astute learning tools to achieve the desired outcome. By customizing our refresher training programs to meet your specific requirements, we strive to provide effective training for all of the staff within your organization.