Strategic Solutions Built to Enhance Internal Operations

Eligibility and Enrollment

Vee Healthtek's skilled team of subject matter experts manages the eligibility and enrollment process for our clients, including the verification and determination of each member's coverage specificity. Delegating this task to Vee Healthtek allows your organization to free up resources and concentrate on core business functions that optimize internal operations.

Vee Healthtek’s Skilled SMEs Determine:

  • If the member or dependents are covered by an active policy or plan
  • If the member or dependents needs to be enrolled
  • If the member and dependents’ opted coverage has a valid coverage period to enroll

Our Eligibility and Enrollment Solutions Include:

  • Switching over plans from the previous year and initiating the coverage under new plans
  • Ensuring the correct PPO coverage is linked to each member in the case of commercial payers for small groups
  • Making sure the defined stop loss coverages are linked to correct groups
  • Capturing and checking the patient information against the eligibility database

Vee Healthtek has multiple technology-enabled solutions to make ease of your enrollment process. The enrollment process is streamlined through web-enabled programs or through our own enrollment application. To address the changing needs of our clients, we have developed a mobile application that is completely customizable. This technology eases the entire process and reduces manual errors with:

  • Fulfillment services with assembly and distribution of new member materials
  • Group/membership enrollment and maintenance
  • Electronic enrollment processing
  • Identification card production and mailing
  • Maintenance of ID card stock

Key Business Areas for Enrollment:

  • Health insurance enrollment forms processing assistance
  • Life insurance enrollment forms processing assistance
  • COBRA enrollments
  • Flex enrollments