Tailored Solutions Built to Ease the Credentialing Process


Vee Healthtek provides a host of versatile solutions for credentialing services. Our team expertly handles payer enrollment and contracting for our clients, turning an arduous task into a quick and easy process. Our credentialing and recredentialing solutions improve quality, accuracy, and speed of provider data collection while continuously alerting clients to any changes in healthcare provider data points, such as infractions or sanctions. We uphold the highest standards of compliance with our centralized credentialing, so your organization never has to worry.

Our Credentialing and Recredentialing Services Include:

Data Lift and Abstraction:

Providers must submit enrollment applications and re-enrollment applications to health plans on a regular basis. These application forms then need to be added to or updated in the client’s system. Revolutionizing a once manual process, Vee Healthtek performs data abstraction and data lifts from these applications for our clients. Any missing information is reported back to the client for further action.

Data Points Measured with our Data Lift Services Include:

  • Provider information (name, SSN, address, NPI, etc.)
  • Tax ID
  • Education certificates
  • CME certificates/credits
  • Health-related documents
    • Health assessments
      • Drug tests
      • Immunization and titers
      • Copies of PPD tests
        • If the test is negative, we request another test result on a yearly basis
        • If the test is positive, we request a chest X-ray copy and a yearly positive PPD questionnaire

Information Verification:

For our credentialing services, we provide the highest quality of information verification. The information we verify includes:

  • Personal info/demographics, including SSN, address, and phone number
  • NPI, specialty, etc.
  • Education: medical school, internships, residency, fellowships, etc.
  • Licenses
    • State licenses
    • DEA verification
    • Controlled substance registration (CSR)
    • Board certifications
    • Specialty-related certifications
    • Malpractice history
    • References/affiliations/work history
    • CAQH verification