Call Support Services You Can Count On

Customer Service Representative Calling

Customer service representatives play a crucial role in any company. These individuals must be reliable, knowledgeable, and highly organized. At Vee Healthtek, our highly dependable, comprehensive CSR service focuses on maximizing ROI for our clients. Our decades of experience in healthcare enables us to provide quality in each and every transaction. We help our clients by answering providers’ calls about benefits, eligibility, claims status, and any other questions. With our strong reputation for problem-solving and adaptability, our call abandon rates are less than 5%.

Eligibility and Benefits Verification:

Through our eligibility and benefits verification, Vee Healthtek assists providers by determining whether or not a patient’s policy is active. If the patient’s policy is active, we further assist providers by figuring out which treatments are covered by the patient’s policy. We are also able to give providers a breakdown of the patient’s copay, deductibles, and coinsurance benefits.

Claims Status:

We assist providers by providing the status of requested claims and by informing them of how much payment we, as a third-party administrator (TPA), are making to them. If a claim is not processed, we share this information with the provider. We also take requests for adjustments if there are any operational errors reported by a provider.

Appeal Status:

Vee Healthtek’s customer service team helps providers with any appeal requested by verifying the appeal log to check the outcome. Based on the outcome, we provide the appropriate status. If an appeal is still under review, our team requests additional time from providers to complete the review.

Pre-Certification Assistance:

Our pre-certification assistance solutions determine whether a procedure requires pre-authorization (PA). If pre-authorization is not obtained, our team is able to assist providers by providing contact details to obtain the authorization before a procedure is conducted.

After-Hours Support:

A major benefit of partnering with Vee Healthtek is access to our after-hours voicemail. If a provider reaches contacts us after the workday has ended, he or she has the option to leave a voicemail. Then, our CSR team responds to the provider as soon as possible.