Cutting-Edge Translation and Conversion Technology

EDI 5010

Electronic data interchange (EDI) has become a strategic business tool as a result of the cost and relationship benefits incurred. In fact, it is estimated that as much as 80% of printed computer output is reentered into another computer. Vee Healthtek’s EDI conversion technology saves time and money by automating this process. Our solution improves efficiency, increases productivity, and reduces errors.

Vee Healthtek’s Translation Services Feature:

  • Single pipeline for all data, regardless of its origin or format
  • Ability to send and receive internal proprietary formats for all documents
  • Customized mapping to trading partners’ specifications
  • EDI to fax document processing
  • Fax to EDI conversion
  • Conversion from internal codes to EDI standard values

Conversion of EDI Claims to TIFF Images:

Payers and TPAs need a printed version of the EDI submitted for their processes. Vee Healthtek is able to populate an image in TIFF format on an HCFA 1500 (HCFA-1500), UB-92 (UB92), dental claim, or a vision claim.

Our systems are able to populate outputs in any format required by the client, including ECSIF, X12N, 837, text, and more. We also work on EDI 4010 & EDI 5010 for the following formats: 834, 835, 277, 276, and 999.